Gold Scraps

Oltin Gold's exclusive service is in trading gold scraps. We offer the best value for trading gold scraps and providing the option to exchange for kilo bars, tola bars and dore bars. We have a specialized service converting the scraps into pure gold with the right weight and converting them into bars. Please note Pure gold- weight of the tested gold scrap bars is calculated for an estimate of the exchange value. Contact us for more information.

Our tailored services and trading in buying scrap gold from African countries which can then be recycled. The recycled gold can be made into gold bullions, gold accessories or pure gold bars or dore bars with fine purity. Gold is in high demand and it gives great value, buying and selling scrap gold could be a worthwhile trade as well as an investment. Contact us for further information and start trading with us and turn your scrap gold into cash.

Best-in-Class Benefits

Highest Purity

Buy 995, 999 and 999.9 gold anytime, at your convenience. NIL - negative tolerance standards ensure the purity and weights of the products we provide and always greater than or equal to what you purchase.

Global Quality Excellence

Our Assay Laboratory is accredited and operations are certified. Utilising traditional and modern techniques to deliver an accurate, independent, reliable melt and assay service with integrity guaranteed.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence

Any precious metals of desires and dreams deserves only the best. Gold inspires Oltin's Goldsmiths to achieve new heights and mastery. You will experience the art, quality and work of our experienced crasftsman, displaying the excellence in final product.

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